GMB Fitness Skills Show [Episode #16] – How to Motivate and Regulate Your Workouts

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We took a couple weeks off podcasting since Ryan was on vacation, so this episode got crammed full of stuff we’ve been wanting to talk about for quite a while.

Andy gets a nice rant going about intrinsic motivation as a way to subvert the weak and mediocre life being sold to you by advertisers, and Ryan waxes philosophical about meditation, mindfulness, mindlessness, and making the right decision about whether or not to train when you don’t feel so good.

100% of people who don’t listen to this podcast will die, so get’yer ears on…

A few of the topics covered:

  • GMB’s upcoming 1,000th day (and possible celebratory happenings)
  • Right/left muscle imbalances and shoring up your weak side
  • The difference between “mindfulness” and “no-mind”
  • Working ergonomics and bandaids vs fixing your problems at the source
  • Intrinsic motivation and it’s place in knowing who you are as a person (as opposed to what society tells you to be)
  • The key distinction almost everybody misses about autoregulation
  • The difference between taking a day off to recover and pussing out

Links we discussed: