Camaraderie in the forum, monthly challenges, video library with special insider info – all AWESOME!

Helpful suggestions and encouragement from those in the know – priceless.

Amy Wolff
Amy Wolff, North Carolina, Founding Member

Let’s be honest: if you’re reading this, you aren’t perfect.

Shocked? Haha, of course not.

We all know basically what we need to do to live the lives we want to live, but when we try to make changes, “life gets in the way.” Our habits and social structures don’t cooperate, and we revert to old behaviors, feeling frustrated and stuck.

The best way around this is to start spending more time interacting with people who share your goals:



Alpha’s not a training program – it’s an accelerator.

We provide the social support you need to be the person you want to be – the kind of person who keeps life in perspective but still manages to make consistent progress, to explore new ways of thinking and moving and enjoying life.

But this isn’t just a social club. Alpha’s got teeth.

Camaraderie from your peers working with GMB programs and methods is great, but Alpha also includes dozens of special mini-programs to supplement your main goals…

…and the most valuable perk of all: daily advice and spot-coaching from Ryan, Jarlo, Andy, and the GMB Trainer staff.

First, let’s look at the mini-programs…

20+ Exclusive Mini-Programs

We love teaching, but some topics are too big for a free tutorial and too small for a full-blown program. We make them anyway and share them exclusively with our Alpha members. Here’s some examples:

Expert Advice When You Need It

Unfortunately, we don’t yet have the technology to send a clone of Ryan to your home to personally coach you (wow, that’s a creepy thought…). Luckily, Alpha members get help whenever they need it.

Your Personal Training Log

If you really want to get the most out of your training, you need to keep records. Whether you log your training daily, weekly, or just whenever, the log area in the Alpha forum gives you a central place to track your progress.

GMB Program Customization

Though we try to make all our programs adaptable to specific needs, you might still run up against challenges. Our coaches can help you find the appropriate exercises and schedule to tailor any GMB program to you.

Support From GMB Trainers

Any question you post in your training log will be seen by our staff of Trainers who understand the GMB Method and come from diverse backgrounds with knowledge of nutrition, psychology, and training for specific sports and activities.

Weekly Recap / Q&A Videos

With so much activity and content, it can be hard to keep up, so Ryan and Amber create a weekly recap video highlighting the best stuff and answering questions from members. It’s a lot like our GMB Show, but just for Alpha members.

It is not possible to oversell how great Alpha Posse is.

The coaching and HUGE program library are worth the membership by themselves. But to have both of those resources AND a ton of other special goodness makes it a total bargain.

Mikey Killingback
Mikey Killingback, Scotland, Founding Member


Are you Alpha material?

Alpha provides the support, accountability, and expert assistance you need to succeed.

It’s not for everyone though, which is kind of the point.

If all this seems like something you don’t need or don’t want to pay for, you’re probably not a good fit for Alpha, and that’s completely OK.

We’ll still do what we can to help you meet your goals.

But we do more for Alphas, because they’re family. We hook up our GMB family with extra training, extra coaching, and extra love in everything we do. If you want to be a part of that, join us today.

Join the official GMB secret society


We used to charge 16 times as much for private coaching, but for just $25/month, Alpha gets you the same level of access to GMB coaches, plus a great community and tons of supplemental programs and special content.

Join Alpha for Coaching and Community

Seriously, unless you’re bald, you probably spend more money on getting your hair cut.

Membership includes automated recurring billing. You can manage your membership or cancel anytime from your secure account management page. Of course, should you ever decide that you’re not Alpha material, there’s no obligation to continue your membership.

I don’t think there can be enough emphasis that the Alpha Posse can be beneficial for people of ALL FITNESS LEVELS. Whether you’ve been a couch potato most of your life or you’re already doing serious training.

We have Ryan as our main coach, but one of the things that I like about Alpha Posse is that I learn how to coach myself.

Through sharing of ideas, struggles and successes, I deepen self awareness and connection to my body so that I learn how to better care for myself.

Stephen Stern
Stephen Stern, Massachusetts, Lifetime Member and now GMB Trainer!

You probably have some questions. Cool! Here’s a few answers to common ones:

And now we’ve got a question for you:

What could you achieve if you surrounded yourself with peers and mentors who refuse to let you fail?

People are willing to blow hundreds of dollars on BS supplements that don’t work and gadgets they won’t use, but joining Alpha is an investment in actually DOING the things you KNOW will get the results you want.

Our members find that just being plugged into the community environment is a game changer.

Let’s Kick Some Ass Together