Meg Grant
Meg Grant
Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Helped in All Aspects of My Mobility, Stabilization, and Strength

This program is GREAT. I practice BJJ and this program has helped greatly with my mobility in that. I also do kettlebell training and working with Elements has helped improve my kettlebell form and technique. I LOVE IT!

I have an injury from nearly 2 years ago while I was training for a strength challenge and this program has really helped with the final things that have still been hanging on from the injury. Some of the lingering daily pain I had has gotten much better with this!!!

The fact that one day we work on one thing in the program and I have trouble with it, and the next time that we work on it I can already see improvement is AMAZING!!!!! I am so happy with Elements that I recently upgraded to the bundle of the other programs.

Again, I can't express how much Elements has helped me in all aspects of my mobility, stabilization and strength in such a short amount of time!

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