Will Schatz
Will Schatz
Owner, Iris Union Digital Marketing
From Skeptical to "Huge Benefits"

The funny thing about it is that you guys bill it as an introductory program, but I think almost anyone could benefit. I've been working out fairly regularly for years and am in pretty good shape by most people's standards but am getting huge benefits from Elements. I can basically hang out in a deep squat now, forward folds are easy, I can now briefly hold an unsupported handstand solely due to the high frogger and monkey.

I saw some comments on a Reddit thread at one point about it being too basic, but after having gone through it myself I'd bet money that those people saying it was too basic would have changed their tune if they'd stuck with it for the first couple of weeks.

Brent Baumhardt
Brent Baumhardt
St. Charles, MO, USA
Never Could Have Imagined the Results I'm Achieving

Starting my 5th week of Elements and I can honestly say the last several weeks have been the most consistent painfree weeks in 18 months! I am an ultra runner and absolutely love running trails and the further the better but neglect on mobility caught up and sidelined me. Over the course of two years I have seen chiropractor after chiropractor to alleviate lower back pain, high hamstring, and achilles. Heck just sitting for 30 minutes in the car was painful.

I got frustrated and finally after months of back and forth pulled the trigger on Elements. I figured it was 3 insurance copays and would certainly benefit from something in the program but never could have imagined the results I am achieving.

My a-ha was in week three where I could see the building blocks learned in previous sessions were a necessity to perform the more complex movements. I have not seen a chiropractor in two months. This past week I finally ran after 4 months off and felt great! The best part is no nasty pain or inability to walk the next day like I experienced with previous treatments and running.

I have come a long way and my personal trainer sees the difference as well. At age 47 I am looking long term and still desire to toe the line of my first 100 mile race. Feeling 100% was a dream I believe will become a reality.

Sonja Schluechter
Sonja Schluechter
Munich, Germany
Finally Feeling Strong Again, With Much Less Back Pain

I finished Elements and I am so happy 😄. A year ago I had such severe back pain that I could hardly move without having shooting back pain. Tying shoes or even sitting down or standing up was insanely painful. I tried everything I could think of and at first GMB Mobility, among other things, helped me slowly get rid of the stiffness and be able to move at all again.

Through Elements, I finally feel reasonably strong again and have significantly less pain. Most importantly, I'm having fun moving again, even though I'm far from doing a perfect spiderman or high frogger. The most important thing is that I have finally learned to listen to my body and take it slow, even though I'm normally rather impatient. I'm about to repeat the course and I'm really looking forward to it.

I tried so many things, but Mobility and Elements are the programs that I had most fun with and where I got my strength back.

Meg Grant
Meg Grant
Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Helped in All Aspects of My Mobility, Stabilization, and Strength

This program is GREAT. I practice BJJ and this program has helped greatly with my mobility in that. I also do kettlebell training and working with Elements has helped improve my kettlebell form and technique. I LOVE IT!

I have an injury from nearly 2 years ago while I was training for a strength challenge and this program has really helped with the final things that have still been hanging on from the injury. Some of the lingering daily pain I had has gotten much better with this!!!

The fact that one day we work on one thing in the program and I have trouble with it, and the next time that we work on it I can already see improvement is AMAZING!!!!! I am so happy with Elements that I recently upgraded to the bundle of the other programs.

Again, I can't express how much Elements has helped me in all aspects of my mobility, stabilization and strength in such a short amount of time!

Frequently Asked Questions

We’ve also taken the liberty of including the answers here, since the questions aren’t very enlightening on their own 😉

What equipment is required?

Nothing – no weights, bars, or bands. You’ll need a space you can crawl around on, but it doesn’t have to be large at all.

Is Elements a good program for women?

Absolutely. The program is great for women and men. We’ve had loads of badass ladies go through Elements and find that the program helps them to feel and move better.

Am I too old? Too fat? Too inexperienced?

Probably not. Elements is our most accessible program for any age or fitness level. Every exercise is broken down and clearly explained at multiple difficulty levels.

Can I combine Elements with other training programs?

If you’ve been training consistently for at least a year, you can add Elements by reducing the volume of your regular training. If you’re starting out, please just pick one.

Will I build muscle?

Yes, but don’t expect to get “jacked” with Elements. You may notice bigger arms and shoulders, but you’ll feel stronger all over.

What moves will I learn?

Elements is focused on the bear, monkey, frogger, and crab movements, but there are variations of each tying into moves such as cartwheels and handstands.

How long do the workouts take?

You can choose between 15, 30, and 45 minute sessions depending on how you’re feeling and what else is happening that day.

How will this help me with (your sport)?

Elements shores up your weak points and improves your agility, which means better performance in all your physical activities.

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