Justin Hepler
Justin Hepler
Scottsdale, AZ, United States
Stronger than I've ever been!

Never in my life have I seen such vast improvement in health and fitness as I have working on your Elements program. I have worked out consistently for the last ten years and I love to workout, but it has always been an expectation either imposed by others or of my own creation. For the first time in my life, I go to the gym to play. To explore the limitations of my mind and body and it is exhilarating. I want to go, to play, to flow, to move.

Over the last decade I have had my left shoulder rebuilt, multiple herniations of my lumbar spine and even a broken neck, and today I am stronger than I have ever been. My wrists are flexible now, I can sleep on my left shoulder without pain, and my lower back is loose and free to move. It is incredible. My usable strength has increased so tremendously it's astounding. I am amazed by your programs and what they do. I am living proof that they work and I am truly humbled.

Unlike a lot of stuff on the internet that’s based mostly on how many Instagram followers you have, what makes our programs work is actual experience.

GMB was started by three lifelong martial artists who also happen to be a former gymnast, a physical therapist, and a teacher. They’ve spent decades teaching themselves and thousands of other people how to move better.

The GMB Method distills that experience into a process that helps anyone learn to use their body better.

Make Quick, Personalized Progress with the GMB Method

You bring your own goals and your body’s unique history into every session. So we developed a Method that meets you where you’re at and helps you make efficient progress on the stuff that matters to you. There’s a lot to it but at its heart is the AAA Framework.

This Method is baked into all four programs in the Get Moving Bundle so you never have to wonder what to do to make progress. You just follow the program for that day and reap the benefits of training smarter.

4 Programs for Stronger, Easier, Better Movement

How well you move depends on your flexibility, power, spatial awareness, and a lot more. The programs in the Get Moving Bundle are tools you can use for life to keep improving even as your goals and needs change.

Elements program image

Most people start with Elements because it gives you a solid foundation of strength, flexibility, and motor control that translates to all your activities.

See Elements details

Mobility program image

Mobility is designed to work alongside your other training help you move more freely. So you get less stiffness and better range of motion for your CrossFit, surfing, or BJJ without sacrificing the stuff you enjoy.

See Mobility details

Vitamin program image

Motor control is one of the most neglected elements of physical autonomy. Vitamin systematically helps you build it so you can move with more coordination, precision, and confidence.

See Vitamin details

Mobius program image

Mobius helps make complex, athletic movements feel second nature so you’re ready for fluid, responsive movement even in dynamic environments.

See Mobius details

You get lifetime access to all 4 programs. So you can start with the one that fits what you need right now, then use and revisit them in whatever order is most helpful for your goals.

And if you’re wondering if this will work for your body, goals, or space then just take a look at who’s already using it.

Who’s Using GMB?

Athletes, coaches, martial artists, recovering couch potatoes, new parents, weekend warriors, hip replacement patients, cancer survivors, ages 5–95. Here are just a few examples. Search #gmbfitness on the socials to see more.

Whatever your experience level, body type, or background. Whether you train in a warehouse gym or tiny apartment. If you’re a lifelong athlete or the word “athletic” has never been used to describe you.

GMB will help you get stronger and move better.

Especially if you have a life, a family, and a job. Because we design everything to fit into your actual life as simply as possible.

Training Designed to Work on Your Terms

Consistent, progressive practice is the key to getting the results you want. But you shouldn’t have to build your whole life around your training schedule. So we created an online course platform that helps you keep making progress even when things get hectic.

Progress on Your Schedule

Automatically adjusts to the days and amount of time you have available

Fits in Your Pocket

There’s no app to download–it works across your computer and mobile devices so you can train anywhere

The Elements program displayed on a phone and a laptop

No Guesswork

Each session shows you exactly what to do so you always know how to make progress

Give Yourself a Nudge

Set up customizable email reminders to help keep future you on track

Just open it when you’re ready to train and it picks up right where you left off. Follow the helpful video tutorials, pat yourself on the back, and enjoy moving and feeling better in every activity you do.

Join over 64,278 people who’ve built athletic freedom and agility with GMB Programs.

Better movement in BJJ

I just completed round two of Vitamin. I love variation so different movements each day really appealed to me. I also have some problems with my right shoulder and right leg so I thought it would be good with all that motor control training, and I do feel that the pain is getting better.

Where I notice the biggest difference is in BJJ practice. I can move more freely and I have better control over my body, and I didn't have bad control before, so it's quite impressive how much four weeks can do!

Will Schatz
Will Schatz
Owner, Iris Union Digital Marketing
From Skeptical to "Huge Benefits"

The funny thing about it is that you guys bill it as an introductory program, but I think almost anyone could benefit. I've been working out fairly regularly for years and am in pretty good shape by most people's standards but am getting huge benefits from Elements. I can basically hang out in a deep squat now, forward folds are easy, I can now briefly hold an unsupported handstand solely due to the high frogger and monkey.

I saw some comments on a Reddit thread at one point about it being too basic, but after having gone through it myself I'd bet money that those people saying it was too basic would have changed their tune if they'd stuck with it for the first couple of weeks.

Grant Belvin
Grant Belvin
Kountze, TX
My Flexibility, Mobility, and Strength was Incredible

Before summer, I was training for a hiking trip that would have a 4000-feet elevation gain over 6 miles peaking at 13k. I used Mobility as a warm-up for my training sessions for about 50 sessions, 5-days per week, leading up to this trip.

While going on some acclimatization hikes, I immediately noticed how I could traverse over, under, and around rocks and dead-fall with ease. My flexibility, mobility, and strength at weird joint angles was incredible. After that experience, I use Mobility for 15-minutes as a warm-up for every single training session. Having it integrated with Praxis makes it really easy to go through.

Case Study - "I'm the Most Robust Physically I've Ever Been"

My first program was actually Vitamin. I had no idea just how much my vocabulary of movements would expand over 28 days. It had me pulling off moves I never imagined doing!

It makes me feel almost superhuman to be able to do these things at my age and not say that the best years are behind me. I suppose at this point in time, being able to still achieve new skills, to learn new things, it's very revitalizing for me.

In fact, I feel that now, as I'm approaching 40, I'm the most robust physically I've ever been.

Bring New Athletic Confidence to All Your Activities

There’s fitness, and then there’s being able to move with power and grace in everything you do. The four programs in the Get Moving Bundle will help you get there. You get 8 months worth of proven training for same price as a few visits to a personal trainer.

$380 $295 – Start Moving Better Today

or make 4 payments of $79

Even if you can’t start immediately, or if you need to take things slow, that’s just fine. You can start when you want, take as long as you want, and repeat the programs as many times as you want. Your membership includes all future updates.

The Get Moving Bundle will help you move better, guaranteed.

Give the training an honest try. The fact is if you do the work you will get results.

If you’re not moving measurably, noticeably better in the first two weeks, we don’t want your money. Send us an email within 14 days of your purchase and we’ll give you a full refund that you can put towards a gym membership or a kettlebell. See all the details here.

Case Study: First Program I've Ever Done Start to Finish

I tried the home programs that everybody knows about, and I was just bored to tears. And I tried Crossfit and that was okay, but it took up all my free time.

But I did Elements, and it was the first program I’d ever in my life just gone start to finish. I felt myself getting stronger. My back pain started to go away. My squat got better. The flexibility was coming without me really having to work on it directly. It's magic. The movements are tough, but they don’t feel as tough as they should be for the gains that you get, if that makes sense, because it’s so much more fun.

When my kids are around I say, “Let’s do some exercises.” You can do it no matter who you are, where you are, what your situation is.

JP Trudel
JP Trudel
More Control and Precision Over My Body

The Vitamin course helped me in a number of ways. First, I now move better, with more control and precision over my body. Second, the course helped me a lot with my mobility. And last but not least, I now learn new moves a lot faster, and I can really visualize what needs to happen to nail it. Before the course, many moves seemed too complicated to do at my ability level, but now I can see how I would be able to do them instead of just saying, "I can't do that yet."

One last thing I have noticed, before the course I was training when it was time to workout. Now I don't train anymore, I practice. Not only when I workout, but anywhere at any moment and with everything I do. I must say that I REALLY enjoyed the course, and that I still enjoy it by practicing every day.

Frequently Asked Questions

We’ve also taken the liberty of including the answers here, since the questions aren’t very enlightening on their own 😉

How do the programs work?

The point of doing a program is to give you a clear, structured path to results (instead of trying to sort through endless YouTube videos and forum posts).

So you just pop it open on your phone or computer, choose the amount of time you have available, and it shows you exactly what to do that day to make progress. Follow the training videos then pat yourself on the back and get on with the rest of your life.

How long do they take?

Each session takes 15–45 minutes, depending on what you have time for.

We recommend training at least 3 days per week, but you can work up to 5 or 6 over time.

At 5 sessions per week it would take about 8 months to go through all four programs back to back. But getting through the programs isn’t the point. It’s using them to get results you care about. So chances are you’ll repeat, combine, and cycle through them in your own unique way. (And we’re always here to help you figure out what that is.)

Am I too old? Too fat? Too inexperienced?

Probably not. We’ve had retirees, new moms, hip replacement patients, and cancer survivors get great results. You might have to make some adjustments along the way but that’s an important part of any program, and we’re here to help.

But if you’re worried about it we recommend starting with Elements. It’s our most accessible program for any age and fitness level.

Do I need any special equipment?

Nope! No weights, bars, or bands. You’ll need a space you can crawl around on, like a living room floor. But it doesn’t have to be very big.

Are these programs good for women?

Absolutely. Our programs work just as well for women as for men. Everyone has different starting points and goals so our programs are designed to meet you where you’re at and help you make progress in the direction you want.

Can I plug these in with my CrossFit/BJJ/running/etc?

Definitely. These programs will help improve your performance in just about any sport or activity you’re into.

Mobility and Vitamin can be used alongside virtually anything else you’re doing.

With Elements and Mobius, if you’ve been training for at least a year then you can use them with your current training. Just decrease your volume a bit until your body adjusts to the extra load. If you haven’t been training long it’s best to pick just one to start.

'Scuse me I have another question?

Chances are we’ve read your mind and answered it on our super official FAQ page.

Cato Grace
Cato Grace
GMB Client
More Strength and Flexibility for Jiu Jitsu

I regularly train jiu jitsu and so I was doing a lot of that when I went thru Mobius. A number of the movements in mobius were similar or complemented jiu jitsu. It also specifically helped with my strength and flexibility, both of which are important in BJJ. I love the balance of strength, flexibility and movement in GMB programs.

I can see doing Mobius again and quite possibly on a regular basis (once or twice a year or something like that).

Dylan Corvidae
Dylan Corvidae
GMB Client
An Antidote to Modern Sedentary Life

Mobius challenged me to move in new ways and strengthened movements that weren’t very familiar to me. I love how much of the program is dedicated to movement through different planes, ground, mid-level, and standing. As adults living in the modern westernized world we don’t spend enough time moving through different planes of motion and I feel like that really affects us physically and mentally.

The thing I enjoyed the most out of this program was the play aspect. I think play in relation to exercise and fitness is so often looked down on or under-appreciated and I feel like GMB does an excellent job of promoting play and explaining it to people so that they can see the benefits of play in their physical autonomy. The Mobius program also does an incredible job of introducing and teaching twisting motions, which is also an underutilized ability in a lot of modern westernized lives.

Overall a great course and I’m sure I’ll come back to it again in the future.

Case Study: "You'll never go back."

Of all the mobility that’s required for this program, the thing that was most challenging for me at first is getting into a comfortable deep squat. I've improved dramatically since then, without even really trying. That's part of the beauty of going in and out of a deep squat dynamically, which is what the Monkey and Frogger force you to do. It just naturally opens up those hips.

And then to sit at the bottom in a deep squat and realize that your chest is fully up and down and you’re not hunched around over your knees, it was pretty amazing.

You will feel stronger. You will improve your mobility. It feels so good that it doesn’t feel like you’re sacrificing anything to make time for training. And if you’re anything like me, you’ll never go back.

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