Parallettes Two is the Gateway to High-Level Hand Balancing

There’s a lot of goals you might have that could have brought you to this page, but the biggest one we hear from our clients considering P2 is, without a doubt, the planche.

Despite the dozens of planche tutorials on YouTube, why does it still seem like so few people ever get it?

Besides the obvious (it’s incredibly difficult), you need to understand that the planche is just one example of a kind of skill that requires more than just strength and practice. You have to build specific joint and tendon strength to handle the stress this training puts on your body.

And if you try to learn it without building that up systematically, the best thing that can happen is frustration .

The worst: injury.

But you don’t need to end up with either one.

P2 is precisely the step-by-step program you need to strengthen and condition your body for the stresses of planche and advanced hand balance training. (Here’s an example.)

full bent arm stand on the parallettes

How GMB Programs Work

Our coaches have worked with thousands of recreational and pro athletes, and our clients span all ages and backgrounds, so our programs are accessible to a variety of needs.

A Program that Grows with You

Unlike some programs that give you a single workout to repeat forever, GMB recognizes that you’ll require different strategies as your strength and skills develop. That’s why Parallettes Two includes four program phases, each building on the previous one to keep you making consistent progress.

1. Attribute Development

The skills we’re aiming at require not just strength, but specific joint preparation to prevent tendon injuries. Phase 1 lays the foundation for the intense work to follow.

2. Skill Development

As you continue to strengthen your body, you’ll also work on transitioning smoothly and fluidly between the movements to build combinations and more complex skills.

3. Flow Acquisition

With the basic movements in place, you’ll practice mini-routines that increase the intensity by stringing more moves together with less rest.

4. Flow “Mastery”

Finally, you’ll put all your new strength and skills to good use in performing the complete flow routine, by which you’ll refine and polish your abilities.

4 phases of GMB programming

Impressive Movements Made Accessible

Here’s what a few of our clients say about Parallettes Two:

The P2 training made me a better mover, it brought new fun and new challenges to my training. I'm a pretty experienced crossfitter and these P2 progressions add a whole new dimension. Technique, proper form, alignment, etc.

Where normal workouts are just about moving weights, these progressions are about learning new skills. And it's such a great feeling every time you notice that you can progress to the next step.

Tibor Olgers
Tibor Olgers, Netherlands

P2 has been a great adventure of strength so far! I am into week 3 of the Prep Phase and I already feel like I've gotten more core work in two weeks than I've gotten in the past two years!

Brenny C.
Brenny C.
open frog exercise video

High-quality video and on-screen coaching cues make P2’s tutorials the best in the business

Months worth of sample training charts

4 Months worth of sample training charts

About the Materials – Here’s what you get with your downloads:

We know that providing great information isn’t enough on it’s own. After all, the internet is loaded with info, but here you are looking for something more organized and easier to use.

The videos and instruction manuals you’ll download in P2 are arranged to make the program and exercises as clear as possible.

  • All videos are filmed in HD quality and compressed to a reasonable download size without losing detail.
  • PDF manuals look beautiful and are easy to read. All the required theory is explained in plain language you can easily understand.
  • We’ve completely spelled out sixteen weeks of sample workouts with charts that allow you to choose the appropriate set/rep ranges for your level.


No other program displays this much attention to detail in terms of either production quality or learning experience. We’ve refined our approach based on feedback from thousands of clients and updated the program to reflect the best methods.

P2 is not only a great program – it’s a quality resource you’ll love learning from.

Parallettes Two Provides the Tools You Need for:

Healthy Shoulders, Elbows, and Upper Back…

Rock-Solid Upper-Body Strength and Stability…

Working Toward the Planche…

Advanced hand balance skills …

straight arm tuck on the parallettes

So far P2 has helped me progress in my planche further than I ever have before. I'm only at the tuck but I am starting to be able to flatten my back briefly. It has also tremendously improved my handstands and perfected my form on the L Sit, V Sit, and Straddle Holds.

Bryan Olson
Bryan Olson, Florida