What do you really want from your body?

It’s OK if you don’t have an answer right away…Nobody’s probably ever asked you that before anyway. The most important thing is simply that you know there are possibilities beyond the normal day-to-day.

Helping you discover what’s possible is our job.

Imagine never doubting yourself physically. Always being up for activites and experiences present themselves. Waking up everyday without any worries about nagging pains or limitations. Instead, you feel anticipation for the possibility of fun and exploration in the day ahead.

GMB Is About Creating Physical Autonomy and Freedom in Your Life

We’re going to be up-front with you about this – GMB isn’t about elite athletics. We get just as excited about a great burger as we do about seeing impressive feats of human performance.

And that’s what makes the difference…

We know that your life doesn’t revolve around exercise. Making “optimal” choices for fitness isn’t your chief concern when you’re at work or hanging out with your friends and family.

To tell the truth, we believe those things are way more important than how many pull-ups you can do, which is why GMB delivers a complete “movement re-education” program that will have you performing better in all of your activities – not just cranking out more reps.



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GMB Founders

Unlike many fitness systems thought up by a single coach or “guru,” GMB benefits from the combined experiences of three founders with diverse backgrounds.

The Monkeys

While Ryan, Andy, and Jarlo sip cold beverages on various beaches, these are the people doing most of the real work.


Amber Mira, Client Experience

Amber works to ensure that every GMB client gets everything they need. That means she has her hands in product design and community building as well as managing customer support.


Andy Fogarty, Marketing & Video

Andy joined the GMB team to help us raise our video production game with better quality and worse jokes. He’s also responsible for finding new ways to get GMB in front of people like you.


Rachel Honeyman, Editorial

Rachel is responsible for taking ideas and concepts and crafting them into clear and useful resources for our members, which typically means writing, editing, editing, and editing.


Jason Manheim, Web Dev

Jason oversees the design and technical development of our websites and maintains all the machinery that keeps GMB programs available and accessible online.

The GMB Method

Our approach isn’t some half-assed, watered-down combination of bits and pieces of different sports. It’s a cohesive method built around what we’ve learned by teaching tens of thousands of adults.

We’re Proud To Be A Different Kind of Company

We like to say that GMB isn’t really a fitness company at all; we’re an education company that happens to teach people how to get fit so they can live better lives. Here’s a few more ways we’re not like most companies:


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