The GMB Curriculum – Online Training Programs for Strength, Flexibility, and Body Control

Since 2010, we’ve been building a curriculum of training programs that build strength, flexibility, and body control to make you better at whatever activities you enjoy.

Step 1: Fundamental Strength & Flexibility

For most people who are new to GMB-style training, this combination is the best place to start, providing a solid foundation of strength and body control or directly addressing your individual flexibility limitations that restrict your movement.

Step 2: Training for Specific Goals

Level One: Fundamental Strength, Flexibility, and Control

Level Two: Intermediate to Advanced Strength & Skills

Interested in Multiple Programs? Save 15-25%

Downloading multiple programs as a bundle offers a significant discount along with the security of lifetime updates as we continually refine each program. Here’s what we’ve got:

The GMB Apparatus Curriculum

Includes Parallettes 1 & 2, Floor 1 & 2, Rings 1 & 2, Focused Flexibility, and the BBCC* Workouts

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Rings Curriculum

Includes Rings 1 & 2 and the Rings BBCC* Workout

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Parallettes Curriculum

Includes Parallettes 1 & 2 and the Parallettes BBCC* Workout

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Floor Curriculum

Includes Floor 1 & 2 and the Floor BBCC* Workout

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The GMB Level One Bundle

Includes Parallettes 1, Floor 1, Rings 1, and the BBCC* Workouts

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