Step 1: Build Your Foundation for Physical Autonomy

If you’re new to skill-based exercise, it’s important to start with the basics. Hip mobility, joint health, and cross-body coordination don’t sound sexy… until you discover just how much of a difference they make in almost any kind of physical activity.


Just wanted to tell you that I've had an awesome time during the 7-week Elements Program! I'm on my last week and my body feels more alive, and stronger than ever!

Sergio Jaimes-Vigaray
Sergio Jaimes-Vigaray, California

Step 2: Address Your Weak Links

Once you’ve laid the foundation with basic movements, you’ll make the fastest progress by focusing on your weakest areas. The programs below target your strength, flexibility, and control, so you can choose to do one at a time or combine them.


Step 3: Achieve Specific Skills

The programs below focus on developing higher-level skills and strength. Each focuses on a single apparatus to develop unique capabilities and all-around fitness.

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The individual program links above spell out most of the details, but if you need more info, we’ve got you covered 🙂

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Downloading multiple programs as a bundle offers a significant discount along with the security of lifetime updates as we continually refine each program.

Edith Maria GMB handstands Workshop

Physical Autonomy Curriculum

The Physical Autonomy Curriculum is made up of the 4 programs most recommended by our coaches. They will help you to get stronger, move better, and feel more confident.

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Edith Maria GMB handstands Workshop

GMB Gone Wild

GMB Gone Wild includes everything we offer. It’s designed to help you build the capabilities you want—from mastering the basics to advanced movement skills.

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Regardless of which option you choose, you can rest assured that GMB has your back. Here’s 3 ways we’ve got you covered: