Routines and Tutorials

Trainer helping a client with shoulder mobilityOnce you understand some of the theories behind stretching and you have a good sense of the approaches that will best fit your needs, the next step, of course, is to put things into action.

We’ve put together routines and tutorials for some of the most common flexibility concerns that people have shared with us over the years. Some of these tutorials are geared toward rather specific goals but you can pick and choose what speaks to you.

Hip Mobility

This 8-step routine is designed to be done daily until you start feeling some relief. It’s a quick and simple routine that packs a big punch, so if you have tight hips, it’s definitely worth giving this a try–it’s helped a lot of people.
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Hamstring Flexibility

Tight hamstrings is an extremely common complaint we hear. This article does have some exercise recommendations, but more importantly, it’ll give you some key tips for being successful with improving your hamstring flexibility.
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Back Stretches

This is another short and simple daily routine that can have a big impact on your spinal mobility. We included stretches to address the most common issues with back tightness.
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CrossFit Mobility

Although this article is geared toward CrossFit athletes, the principles of how to assess and address mobility apply to anyone with limited flexibility. If you find yourself restricted by certain movements in your training, this article is worth a read.
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Splits Tutorial

The splits are definitely a more advanced flexibility goal, but if you are at a level of mobility where you’re ready to work toward the splits, this tutorial gives you step-by-step instructions to get there.
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Case Studies

Progression of a splits techniqueSince releasing Focused Flexibility in 2012, we’ve worked with over 30,000 clients on improving their mobility. We’ve had great success with helping thousands of people free their bodies so they’re not held back by restrictions. And, as of April 2020, weโ€™ve replaced it with GMB Mobility, a new approach which combines the targeted stretching of FF with more dynamic work and movement integration for even more effective practice.

The following are just a couple of examples of some of the incredible results our clients have gotten through using our methods.

You can see more results through the videos we share on our Facebook page or on our testimonials page.

How Charlie Used Flexibility Training to Stay Young and Agile

Charlie was in his 60s when he decided to work on his flexibility. After retiring from a physically demanding career as a cabinetmaker, he had a lot of aches and restrictions. After one year of flexibility practice, he got near-perfect splits and freed up his body.
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Jonathan’s Flexibility Transformation

Jonathan is a longtime client of ours, and when he started addressing his flexibility, he was stiff as a board and didn’t think he’d be able to improve that much. But he kept at it, and this overview shows his incredible progress over 10 months.
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Build Flexibility That Actually Helps You Move

GMB Mobility is a guided program that improves your total body mobility. You’ll resolve restrictions so you can finally move and perform your best.

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