GMB Fitness Skills Show [Episode #14] – Tony Two Scoops

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A few months ago, Ryan started sharing links to these hilarious posts on some bodybuilding blog. Before long, the whole team was subscribed to Two Scoop Get Huge, and we knew we had to interview Tony someday.

That day has come.

Prepare yourself for the glory. Not everyone has what it takes to be a two-scopper, but we believe in you.

A few of the topics covered:

  • What the hell is “two scoops” about?
  • Tony’s take on cardio
  • Why everyone should squat (especially men!)
  • Planet Fitness
  • A day in the life of Tony Two Scoops

Links we discussed:


  1. that was hilarious, really made my morning, although i think it would be even better to just blend up two pounds of chicken breast with the two scoops of protein. thickening with generous amounts of creatine of course!

  2. 4cheeseMexicanShredded says:

    Tony…..I need more. Seriously.

  3. Do you guys have a transcript of this podcast? I had hard time understanding some of what tony was saying because the audio quality wasn’t that good

    • RyanHurst says:

      ChaCha, sorry but we don’t. Tony was on his cell phone. Maybe we can take donations to get him to fly out to us so we can do a video interview and even take us through a Two Scoops workout. That’d be awesome. : )

  4. I need more podcasts! What is your guys’s release cycle? My mornings are incomplete without them. Here’s one Q you can A next time: What is the best way to increase thoracic/shoulder flexibility? Those two issues are really killing me in my handstand form

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