GMB Fitness Skills Show [Episode #35] – Hacking Habit Formation with Data from Lift

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Creating a new habit (or breaking an old one) is hard work, but sometimes all you need is a little accountability to give you that extra push.

In this episode of the GMB Fitness Skills podcast, Andy and Ryan interview Tony Stubblebine, CEO of the nifty little app called Lift, which is all about helping you build the habits you want and/or need to live a better life.

If you’ve struggled at all with building new habits (and let’s face it, who hasn’t?) you’ll want to listen with extra fervor to this episode.

Build a flexibility habit

We think Lift is such a cool app that we created our own course to help you build your stretching habit to improve your flexibility in just 21 days.

Join GMB’s flexibility plan on Lift¬†and get bendy!

  • (01:09) Who is Tony and what the heck is Lift?
  • (03:35) Success comes from positive habits, but with balance.
  • (04:55) Think of yourself as having a “cognitive budget”
  • (06:53) Willpower is not a moral high ground.
  • (08:29) Remove obstacles and you’ll make more progress in the long run.
  • (09:26) Do less, but do it consistently.
  • (11:18) Why most people stick with the same exercises over and over.
  • (15:23) The small wins allow people to see they’re moving forward while having fun.
  • (16:30) Andy proposes a solution to the biggest problem with habit building.
  • (19:45) The two most popular habits people want to build.
  • (21:00) How a really easy goal can help people tackle more challenging goals.
  • (26:13) What are the most common “fall off the wagon” habits?
  • (28:52) “You never really break a habit. You can only build new, replacement habits.”
  • (31:32) The real keys to success: Pre-deciding, simplifying, making rules for yourself.
  • (33:25) The top things to keep in mind to build healthier habits.
  • (34:40) Find something that you’ll be consistent with.
  • (35:10) Get the Lift App at