Increasing Flexibility for Easy Range of Motion

Most people assume that flexibility means being able to touch your toes or do a split. And if you don’t think you need to do that, you may not think that flexibility is important, but in our experience, most clients eventually run up against flexibility limitations.

Maybe you need more range of motion in your shoulders to hold a straighter handstand. Or maybe your tight hips are making it a pain to do household chores or gardening. If your range of motion is restricted, there’s a lot of things you won’t be able do without pain.

That’s why even those with modest flexibility needs can still benefit from some targeted stretching.

And “targeted” is the key word in our GMB Mobility program.Many people who go through Elements find that flexibility is a major limiting factor, even if their favorite activities don’t seem to involve as much flexibility. The key with GMB Mobility though, is that we look at flexibility simply as a way to get into the positions you need. Targeted stretching along with dynamic movement to integrate particular body area ranges of motion into full body mobility improves your overall ability to move.

Build Flexibility That Actually Helps You Move

GMB Mobility is a guided program that improves your total body mobility. You’ll resolve restrictions so you can finally move and perform your best.

GMB Mobility Details

Maximize Your Motor Control

Even if you’re very strong and have plenty of flexibility, you may well find yourself having difficulty with complex movement patterns or skills that require a lot of balance and finesse. Of course, you could just try to “muscle through it,” but that usually ends in either frustration or injury.

That’s where specific development of motor control comes into play.

Also, many people are drawn to the kind of movement-based training we teach, not because they want to learn a particular skill or exercise, but because they want to learn to move better in general.
Unlike Elements, which also incorporates movement-based training, our Vitamin course is not a “program” in the traditional sense. The goal is not to master any particular movements, but rather to master your body by practicing a variety of movements, and experiencing and exploring how each one feels in your body.We focus on a different movement each day so you get exposure to a wide range of movements, learning how your body moves and feels with each one.Even if you only spend a few minutes on the movements (as few as ten, but we recommend 20 or so), your nervous system is being introduced to new patterns that create better balance, control, and kinesthetic sense. Vitamin is also a great warm-up or cool down for any other training.

Playful Training for Confidence and Control

With Vitamin, you’ll build confidence and creativity in your movement by practicing fun skills every day, so you can enjoy real freedom of movement.

GMB Vitamin Details

Until very recently, your options for building more control were to take up yoga or ballet, where you’d eventually develop more balance and coordination as a side effect of practicing those specific movements. This isn’t much of an option for people who are too busy to take up a new hobby (or already have hobbies).

At GMB, we see control as an attribute that deserves its own practice, free from application-specific training.

Likewise for flexibility and strength, you don’t have to limit the development of your physical attributes to the context of any particular sport or activity. If you want to do BJJ or Yoga or Capoeira or whatever, that’s great. But if you just want to get flexible, or strong, or move better, you shouldn’t have to take up a new sport just for that purpose.

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